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Epifanio Ramirez

In your hands is the fourth issue of Epifanio. The time is now ripe for revealing the origin of the newspaper’s name. It was named after Mexican sage Epifanio Ramirez, who has a special playful and open character – to him everything is possible. Four people who know Epifanio will give their thoughts on him.

Epifanio Ramirez was born on November 14th, 1954 in Oaxaca, Mexico of a mushroom priest family. Currently he resides in Los Angeles. He has taken part in many spiritual practices, including tantra. Epifanio is an active retainer of cultural heritage in his community, leading a ring of Aztec ritual dances. Many young people have gathered around him, who also follow Mexican Indian traditions in LA. He dreams of moving back to Mexico where he could work with plants and follow his calling with his whole heart. Together with his wife Martha he has traveled through all of South America conducting various therapy workshops and selling Indian handicrafts during pow-wow events.

Photos: Kristi Pääsuke

“Epifanio is a great friend of children, a mysterious surpriser, who is very often quiet, but his eyes tell stories.

We were at an Indian camp and on children’s insistent wish a sweat – an Indian sauna – was made for them. We were also in a tent there and I helped to keep an eye on the children, because during the ceremony the fire men carried hot rocks around in the middle. Epi got the children to start singing in such a way that a powerful rhythm arose from it. People went around the tent on their tiptoes, and everyone listened in amazement, with their mouths wide open.

We were on the way back to Tallinn from the camp. The whole group was a bit tired from the ceremony that took place that night and in their own thoughts. Epi was also quiet. But suddenly nonchalantly he said that it’s somewhat cloudy and he started to sing. A bit later the sun came out. Then Epi said modestly that it was a „song for inviting the sun.” And he performed a new song. This was a rain song, because windshield of the car filled with drops of rain. Epi himself also became sincerely excited. He does everything sincerely, which is why nature plays together with him.

At the airport, when Epi began his trip back to California, he looked straight at me and in his gaze was a certain understanding of the whole world. This speechless moment has stayed with me. Epifanio travels along in the memories and thoughts of many.”

Piret Rass

“Epifanio or simply Epi to his friends is a Person, who doesn’t take himself too seriously. He is very playful and often people don’t understand if he is speaking seriously or joking. He even says that in their (Mexican Indian) community, play and laughter and jokes are part of the ceremony, part of life. Also real truths can be easy and most are, because all of this reality is one ethereal illusion, which we ourselves create with thoughts. And why then shouldn’t we dance and sing, laugh and play. I have had the honor of participating on his invitation in an Aztec spring ceremony, which was a miraculous mix of happiness and reverence for everything alive, the caring for one another and the feeling that we are all important. That’s exactly how Epifanio is, kind and sensitive, sincere and supportive, respectful and deserving respect. A great person.”

Kristi Pääsuke

“In a span of 10 years many Indian sages, shamans, witches and priests have visited Estonia and organized many spiritual rituals. Epifanio Ramirez has been one of those. Small, dynamic, elastic, and with a lively character, he is more of a priest than a shaman. This Mexican Indian with just a little English is a dancing enchanter. Very different from the North American Indians. I remember one sleepless early morning I noticed Epifanio while I was walking around the Matsiranna camp. It was around five or half past five. It had rained for several days. Epifanio had made a small fire and began his ritual dance around it. In an hour a whole row of dancers appeared in sync with him, me included. A half hour went past and suddenly the rainy sky opened up from one side. The sun peeked out from there, as if asking “who is turning to me, who needs me?”

Kristi and Piret told the story of how Epifanio once started to sing a rain song in the car. A little time passed and the sunny sky began to rain. I still remember that in his lecture Epi showed a calendar, which was four million years old. When I showed Epifanio my own temple plan, he just threw a glance over it and said, that energy moves in the building. Like other Indian spiritual road leaders, Epifanio is a “man with a thousand faces.””

Vilen Künnapu

“About Epi. I am an extremely horrible writer. But I can say that Epi is “like still waters that run deep.” He is a true child of nature and has tried to keep a balance in his way of life. Probably certainly through earlier storms, but anyway. A person of huge heart. He supplies everyone with help and advice (those who ask that). Very lively and persistent. Infinitely positive. So there!”

Ivar Virkus

Drawing by: Soho Fond