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Indigo child* Tambet

* Indigo children are hyperactive children of the New Age. Following the Chernobyl disaster, more indigo children have been born, but they existed already in the time before Christ – for example the man who invented the airplane and the first creature to bring fire into the cave.

The conversation group comprised of Tambet, his mother Ursula, Vilen and August.
The discussion took place at Tambet’s and Ursula’s home in Riisipere, Estonia

Tambet, you are the child of the new generation, who has a connection with parallel universes. Can you see other characters in this room beside us right now?
Usually we are surrounded by numerous different creatures, from fairies and gnomes to domestic spirits.

Are there more of them in the nighttime, for instance?
Time is usually irrelevant.

This is also why children of the New Age usually have problems with the sense of time.

So, time as we know it does not exist in other dimensions?
Temporal shifts are so big there, that it cannot be expressed in our language.

Tambet, you said once that there are twelve realities upwards and twelve more downwards from ours. Could you please describe other dimensions that are out there?
When we look at these universes in human language, the numbers will grow quite big now.

Photo: Vilen Künnapu

Are these universes mounted on top of one another, are they parallel or placed like holograms, or perhaps intertwined with one another?
Usually they are intertwined. From one universe you can easily move to another, so that you don’t need to close any gates for a certain time.

But there are gates separating these worlds after all, aren’t there?
When we look at it through other people’s eyes, there are proper gates between them.

So, for ordinary people there are gates and they must ask permission to go through them?
Yes. Normally there are also texts written on the gates that are rather clearly readable for those who understand that language. The most trivial example is the text between levels 8 and 9 – THE WIND SHOULD BE.

Wind and all kinds of natural elements are generally quite close to people.
They are close, indeed, but when we also take into account what we see written down in ordinary language, it starts distracting us.

But tell us about the levels closest to a person.
Yes – nature and fire.

As we have discussed before, you have a sensual connection with trees and bushes. You have said that when trees and bushes realise that you understand their language, they will start whispering with excitement.
Sometimes they start talking over one another, when they haven’t heard someone speaking to them for a long time. Little by little, they are forgetting the human language. They would like people to talk to them:

Tambet, what do you talk to the trees about?
Usually I ask about their situation, and what the future will bring. About the winter, for instance. The trees are saying that this winter will be harder for them than the previous one. I don’t know what they mean by that – whether there is going to be more snow or less. This means that the winter will be harder for us too.

You have said that trees can heal people, if only we would give them a chance.
Yes, but you definitely have to ask: “Would you please help me?”

Do trees expect something in return?
Sometimes they might and sometimes they take human energy from us too. They can completely exhaust a person. It depends on a specific tree and its wisdom.

You have said that there are spiritual creatures living inside trees.
Yes, they take care of the trees and protect them. The spirits are perfectly able to destroy a house, if it is not in harmony with the environment.

Often there are trees to be taken down on construction sites, even if architects are acting environmentally consciously. What should one do about that?
Usually they could just say: sorry, we now have to take you down, but we promise to do something good.
Big trees cannot be transplanted, they wouldn’t adjust any more. The best trees for transplanting are three or four years old; they would still be able to adjust. In fact, this time stretches to about ten years.

Can you name a tree that suits almost anyone?
Usually deciduous trees, for some people conifers too. Oak is not capricious and it is able to adjust itself to people quite fast. Luckily it can be transplanted at an older age than other trees.
But which one is the most capricious?
Arbor vitae.

In landscape gardening, all sorts of arbor vitae are usually offered most frequently.
Yes, because they are delightful to the eye. Sometimes a person has taken care of arbor vitae, but it still dies out.

But what is your relationship to plants? In nature, flowers are said to be the most similar to human organism.
Yes. But even with ordinary herbs we should ask whether they would like to help us or not.

But how do you understand their “yes” or “no”?
Asking is enough. When asking question the right way, the answer will be usually “yes”.

But when you go to the nature and just tell a herb: hey you, look, I am going to pick you and make tea out of you?
Even this might do. But if you don’t address the herb at all, the tea can be very tasty, but it might not heal.

Here it depends on the one who picks it, who makes the tea, and how much inner force will be put in it.
We have talked about all kinds of parallel universes. The closest to a human is the universe of trees and plants; on the next level there are spiritual creatures – gnomes, fairies, hobgoblins, etc. Today I saw an interesting new creature in our household. It is small (3 cm) and moves very fast, with jumping moves. Where did it come from?

It seems to me that someone has brought a cupboard into the household and the creature has moved to a more secure environment together with it. It is small, dressed in red cloth and teases the cats – especially Susanna.

You have said that there are different guardian animals and angels accompanying us. What about them?
Some animals are like that, they move from one person to another during their lifetime.

Can a soul creature sometimes also abandon a person?
Usually there is another creature taking that place right away.
It depends on a person’s inner growth. The animals replace one another, based on their attributes.

Could it also pass from a parent to a child?
Yes. But normally the person consciously sends these animals to another person.

Once by the sea you told me that every indentation has its own water spirit.
Every indentation has a water spirit, similar to a site spirit, who manages a certain territory. These creatures can move around both in the water and on the ground, like most spiritual creatures.

Which are the managerial borders of the site spirits?
Usually they have agreed on these borders. Luckily there are no wars.

There are no wars because they have plenty to do in one place – there are plants, animals, fish, birds, seaweed, etc. Do the spirits adjust to a place or does the place adjust itself to spirits?
Usually the place adjusts itself to spirits. They can change the place a lot.

Are we able to influence them with our negative activity?
Yes, unfortunately we are. When someone who has done harm to a water spirit, builds a house by the water, the water will carry it away.

I will bring an opposite example from another field. A new café is open. During the first few months there are practically no visitors at all. But in the course of time it becomes alive with cheerful people.
Usually the site spirit moves to that place.

When we talk about the café, then it is not so much the site spirit that plays a role, but the spirit of the entire house. It depends on who established the house, who built it and who animated it. And naturally, on people who visit that house. If you feed the place with positivity, it becomes positive; if you feed it with negativity, it becomes negative.
As we know, fire burns away the negative. Lets talk about the invisible side of the fire.

In bigger towns there should be a place for fire, where fire would always flame. That would purify the environment very effectively.

Fire is one of the basic elements; on the other hand you talk about the fire spirit. Are these different things?
A fire spirit can be addressed. One can bring sacrifice to fire, so that it wouldn’t take our home or harm us.

Are fire spirits connected with the gods of fire?
The gods of fire are spirits like others, except that they are slightly higher ranked.

Can a fire spirit be called for help in everyday life?
Yes. Why else do they say: fire, give us strength?

When we look at Tallinn, we are surrounded by water, there is plenty of land, but no fire, and there is little air. That is, there are few trees, although Tallinn is a relatively green town. Tambet, do you perceive the sun only when it is shining, or also when you can’t see it?
Normally it is clear whether it is a sunrise or a sunset, regardless of the weather, because sun is fire. I constantly sense its radiation, warmth and light.

How did your channels open?
I can’t remember any more.

He has always been like this. Tambet is lucky – he has grown up in an environment, where he was not suppressed. He did not go to an ordinary school, where they would have tried to squeeze his thinking into frames. His acquaintances have let him be like he is; no-one has really tried to change him much. As a consequence of suppression many indigo children have become young drug addicts or hyperactive kids who are unable to learn. At the same time it is very easy to help them find the right direction, but you have to understand them.

They say that indigo children are sent from the space. Where do you come from, somewhere around Sirius?
I like to say that I came from parallel universes, not the space.

In fact, these children might come from a Sirius-like nebula in another parallel universe.
There is a planet in the fifth universe that carries the same name, a bit further from the Milky Way.
Are you human?

Its hard to say about myself.

But who do you see as human?
Are there people without spirit?

There are very few of them. Usually spirits do not wander around without people. But people without spirit sometimes do. These are people who are considerably influenced by the outside world, zombie-like people in the consumer society.

How do you see the immediate and far future of mankind?
It seems to me that people are gradually turning back to the land. We need a thorough shake and to wake up other people, to get out from global catastrophes. Economizing is very important. Everything could be economized.

How do you cope with your parallel universes in this world? You have said that sometimes the creatures from parallel universes run in and mess up your world. For example, when you do your smithwork, staying in that moment, isn’t there a possibility that creatures from the parallel universe will come to you?
Yes, there is, but then I kick them out right away, because that time is for me only, not for them.

Indigo children are characterised by very big creativity and ability to put an enormous amount of energy into what they create. When doing your smithwork, do you put your strength in it, or do you call someone for help?
Normally I don’t think of anything or anyone, I just do things.

The so-called ordinary people only believe in what they see, what can be proven and what is tangible. They think that there is nothing else in the world. What do you have to say to these people?
Believe in others who might be different, do not suffocate them with your weight or impose your customs on them.

Drawing: Vilen Künnapu

Tambet Maidra (18) studies in Vana-Vigala School of Technology and Service and lives in Riisipere, Estonia. The young man understands the language of trees and bushes, and therefore feels especially at home in ancient groves