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Björn Kowalski

Vilen of Viimsi

August Künnapu

Nathaniel Kahn

Harry Pye

Mehis Heinsaar

Lauri Sommer


The Incredible Adventures of the Little White Ball on Planet Eart

The Little White Ball spent its time in the common field of the Universe. It was a natural part of the field. Sometimes, not very often, Absolute dispatched it to a planet or another, where the Little Ball personified a physical creature of various kinds. For some reason, during the past million years, its incarnations on the small planet called Eart had become quite frequent. That planet was not at all the best place for living, although there were others much worse. In its incarnations on planet Eart, the Little White Ball usually had the job of an architect, building energetically significant objects, such as pyramids, sphinxes, stone rings, stupas and pagodas. During its latest incarnation, the Little White Ball was known as architect Steiner, and he built animal and poultry farms of grey bricks in a small state of Astoria. Farms for turkeys, chicken and pigs were powerfully archetypal constructions – long barns with articulated cylindrical silos and cubic granaries. The grain dryer, however, was a specially divine apparatus – Steiner built them by the fields of Astoria, and was happy. But then the power changed in the country, collective enterprises were closed down and Steiner’s farms were abandoned. Some people even demanded in the papers that they should be demolished. Frustration pushed Steiner to alcohol and cocaine. He quickly degenerated and became a homeless outcast of society. One day, after having lived in a garbage bin for a few months, he found that someone had thrown away a large cake. The architect eagerly tucked into it and failed to notice when the lid of the metal container suddenly opened. An old woman poured her garbage in, which landed right on Steiner’s head. The woman saw that and started screaming. In the meantime, a strange thing happened to Steiner. Something clarified in his head and in his heart, he seemed to have reached another dimension. Everything suddenly appeared colourful, warm, cheery and good. Architect Steiner was enlightened. He climbed out of the container and started a new life.

Vilen Künnapu.
Little White Ball. Collage, 2006.

As a new man, he was constantly aware of the Little White Ball located in his chest. He could talk with it and seek advice. He was now able to observe the surrounding world from somewhere above. He saw that things were far from perfect on planet Eart. Many were chasing wealth and burdened themselves with unnecessary items and buildings. They ravaged the planet’s soil in search of natural resources. Dreadful machines equipped with internal-combustion engines badly polluted the atmosphere. People chasing wealth envied one another and did not believe in Higher Power. Then there were quite different people, who called themselves intelligentsia. In the press they criticised those who damaged the planet’s ecological balance, although they damaged the balance themselves too. Their biggest sins were pride and selfishness. They did not believe in God, relying on their own brain that kept inventing new constructions. In a sense, they were even worse than the rich. With their selfishness and constant irony they produced more negative energy than the smoking machines. Steiner also noticed those who kept the planet going. Connections between the common field and the planet were secured by some enlightened housewives, a few tribes of primitive races and the numerous populations of poor countries whose mental frequency showed astonishingly high spiritual amplitude. Recently, however, all that was hopelessly insufficient, and planet Eart stood on the brink of destruction. Churches and religious sects were powerless as well. Taken separately, quite a few managed to perceive the common field, but mutual rivalling reduced the results considerably.

The holy men responsible for the survival of the planet had already noticed Steiner. They found that Steiner possessed a huge bio-field and powers of a healer. What was especially significant was Steiner’s ability to use his powers in buildings. All his constructions emanated divine energy that improved the state of people, plants and minerals. One evening, three tribal chiefs knocked on the architect’s door. He was asked to produce a sketch design for a huge Temple of Four Winds. During the coming years, Steiner invested all his energy in temples. He completed a mighty mandala house, centred around an amphitheatre-shaped meditation hall, surrounded by numerous courtyards, pools, auditoriums and gardens. The temple was supposed to unite different religions and beliefs. The building had required total dedication from architect Steiner, and he felt his mission on planet Eart was drawing to a close. He shut himself into a small round temple besides the big temple and began his meditation. Soon he joined the Little White Ball inside him and departed from his physical body. The Little White Ball set off on a long journey home.

A million years passed. The Little White Ball had long since finished his incarnations. He nevertheless liked to float around in the Universe and visit various celestial bodies. One day he found himself on planet Eart and saw to his great joy that great improvements had taken place there. The planet had gone through several shifts of axis and the civilisation was much more advanced from the one at Steiner’s time. The polluting machines, the intelligentsia, the rich and the poor had all vanished. Three-metre tall harmonious people led a life filled with love for one another and their creator. They moved on cosmic energy. The same energy helped to build temples, schools and huge sculptures. The Little White Ball descended on top of a pyramid and sank into meditation. He knew that the divine development occurred as a result of struggle between the good and the evil. The fact that evil had vanished from planet Eart did not mean that evil had vanished altogether. The people of Eart as part of the common field were now the most powerful inhabitants of the Universe. Their task was to convey fine energy to the dark corners of the Universe. The infinite divine revolution was underway and the Little White Ball felt he was part of it. Moreover, he felt himself dissolving in the delightful frequency of the universe and turning into the Absolute.

Vilen Künnapu